Blog Circle – Summer 2014 – CyFair Tx Photographer

Hello and thank you for checking out my blog.  I am Desi Magnuson the owner of Desi Magnuson Designs Photography.  I recently joined a wonderful group of local photographers here in Houston.  Our group decided to create this blog circle to share our work and inspire each other and our theme this month is summer.  When you finish looking through my blog make sure you stop by the other blogs using the link listed below.


Our summer so far has consisted of this…


Some pool time…

IMG_0426w IMG_0903wIMG_0459w IMG_0475w IMG_0417wIMG_0393w IMG_0612w  IMG_0892w

Some play time…

IMG_0927w IMG_0924w IMG_0920w IMG_0715bww

Some animal loving…

IMG_0749w IMG_0733w IMG_07322 IMG_0752w IMG_0690w IMG_0688w IMG_0760w              IMG_0797w IMG_0668w   IMG_0756w IMG_0693w IMG_0957w IMG_0763w IMG_0762w IMG_0788wIMG_0761w

and some of this…



I hope you enjoyed a little peek of what has been going on with our summer so far.  Now please make sure you check you the next talented photographer in our group here……/summer-katy…/




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